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All Junior Counselor positions for 2018 are filled.

Junior Counselors are an integral part of the Hidden Valley 4-H Camp life! It is crucial to camp to build on future staff who were once campers, attended the CIT program, go through Junior Counselor training and become amazing Senior Counselors and Specialists! Junior Counselors are a huge part of the success of Camp!

Below are some FAQ's for 16 year olds who are interested in this program. Follow the FAQ's down to the link for the application!

Q: I want to be a Junior Counselor. What are the requirements?

A: Junior Counselors must be 16 years of age by July 1, 2018 with the proper Working Papers. Anyone who was a Junior Counselor in the summer of 2017 is encouraged to reapply. New Junior Counselor applicants must have attended CIT training during the summer of 2017. You MUST have a good recommendation from the CIT leader in order to be considered for a JC position.

Q: What does a Junior Counselor do during the day?

A. According to the Department of Health and our Risk Management firm Junior Counselors are still minors, so they are in training and can not lead activities. Therefore, Junior Counselors work in the kitchen during the day with our Head Chef, Lisa, with our Cloverbuds or as Lifeguards (with current certification.) JC's learn so much from Lisa about being a good employee, work ethic, kitchen skills and so much more. JC's may also be assigned to work with the Cloverbuds, especially if they are looking for more experience to work with young children. JC's will also assist Senior Counselors in activities at some point in the day, depending on the kitchen shift they work. 

Junior Counselors who are trained and certified Lifeguards will work specific shifts at the Pool. Please contact the Camp Director, Jenn Sweet, for specific certification requirements before seeking lifeguard training programs.

Q: What shift will I work in the kitchen?

A: Lisa will assign the JC's their shift schedule once camp begins.

Q: I am a certified Lifeguard. Can I work as a Lifeguard at Camp this summer?

A: YES!!! Instead of a kitchen shift, you will be assigned to the Pool. Please make sure ALL your certifications are up  to date. The Department of Health requires that all Lifeguards renew the following yearly: CPR for the Professional Rescuer AND First Aid - Responding to Emergencies. You can not lifeguard if they are not up to date. However, don't be shocked if Lisa needs extra hands in the kitchen once in a while!

Q: Where do JC's sleep?

A: Junior Counselors sleep in the cabins on the Main Side of the camp. Individual JC's will be assigned to one cabin with either 8 & 9 year olds or 10 & 11 year olds and assist the Senior Counselors with the campers.

Q: Do JC's get time off?

A: Yes, all staff get 2 nights off and 1 night of an on duty assignment each week. Junior Counselors are not allowed off camp or to have cars on camp for the duration of the camp season.

Last updated January 26, 2018