CIT's 2017

CIT's 2017

CIT Program



The Program

The CIT program at the Hidden Valley 4-H Camp is a 2-week training session with the goal of creating excellent counselors to serve new generation of campers. Upon completion of the CIT training, campers will be evaluated on their performance which will determine their eligibility to apply for a Junior Counselor position the following summer.

What are the 2017 Dates and Rate?

The CIT program is an intense experience that prepares teens to become counselors at Hidden Valley 4-H Camp. The CIT program requires that campers sign up for a 2-week camp program, including the weekend session in-between. The program dates for the summer of 2018 are July 15 - 27.  The rate for this program is $800 ($60 Discount for two weeks and Stay Over Weekend).

Who is eligible?

A CIT must be at least 15 years of age by July 1, 2018. This rule is necessary in order to be of the correct age when starting as a Senior Counselor.  CIT's should have a sincere interest in wanting to learn skills that will make them excellent counselors in the future. Campers who are only interested in socializing with their friends at camp are not encouraged to apply. Spaces are limited and only a few campers will be selected based on the application and interview with the Camp Director. Not all campers who apply will be accepted. We are looking for youth who display a good attitude toward others, exemplify the four H's (Head, Heart, Hands and Health), demonstrate self-respect and have a genuine interest in working with children.


The 3 main goals of the CIT program are to train potential staff, provide personal growth, and promote leadership development. This 2 week-long program concentrates on leadership training, team building, skill development, service to camp and personal growth. The program will provide a time of transition for each participant as they develop from campers to counselors.

CIT's will learn that the role of a positive mentor and teacher is essential to their successful future as a Camp Counselor. Gaining this experience will involve learning, modeling, and practicing how to lead songs, games and discussions. CIT's will actively participate in each of the camp program areas where they will learn hands-on what it takes to teach and encourage campers in campfire cooking, canoeing, cooking with Lisa, drama, free swim, health & fitness, nature, press corps, outdoor adventures, sports, swim lessons, water games and more!

Participants will then take what they have learned and plan and facilitate their own activities for small groups and the entire camp. They will also have ample opportunities to ask questions, reflect on their experiences, and share their successes.

Team building is the core of this program. Throughout the CIT experience, campers will engage in a number of exercises and challenges to prepare them for working as a team, dealing with difficult situations, and making successful choices.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018 CIT Program.

Once the application is received in our office, Jenn Sweet will contact the CIT candidate by e-mail to set up an interview in early December or January. Communication will be strictly between the candidate and the Camp Director. The purpose of the application and interview process is for the candidate to begin to develop job readiness skills.

Once the interview is complete, the Camp Director will let the candidate know if  they are accepted into the program. Once that happens  the "green light" will be given for the parent to register for the program on our registration site. If you or your parents have any questions, please feel free to call the Camp Director, Jenn Sweet, at (607) 535-7161, prompt 3.

Last updated December 15, 2017