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Making choices that save energy -- in your home, business or community -- can have a positive impact on the environment while also saving you money. In this section of our website, CCE-Schuyler has compiled resources that can help you learn about ways you can reduce energy consumption and use energy resources more efficiently.

For more basic information on what energy is, where it comes from, and how we use it visit: EIA Energy Explained (US Energy Information Administration).

For information about how New York State uses energy, visit: EIA New York Profile and Quick Facts.

Are you a municipality in Chemung, Schuyler, or Steuben County looking to save your taxpayers money and conserve energy? Would your community like to obtain up to $100,000 in funds (with no local cost share) for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects? Visit the NYSERDA website and learn how to become a designated Clean Energy Community! Our CEC coordinator (see contact information below) can work with your community by:

  • Collecting documentation
  • Helping research the cost/benefits of different actions
  • Assist in implementation of actions
  • Assist with developing ideas for use on the CEC grant funding
  • Consult on grant applications and submission
  • Offer energy advising and assistance over a multi-year timeline

Municipalities in other counties also have access to these resources. Reach out to Energy Educator Terry Carroll at CCE of Tompkins County for more information. 

Solar panels on the roof of CCE Tompkins

About Solar Energy

Solar energy is simply energy derived from the sun, which we can then convert to electricity or thermal energy. Since sunlight is relatively infinite, solar energy is one of our most promising renewable resources.

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"Wood Stove" by Tyler Karaszewski

Wood Stove Safety

Here are some tips for buying, installing and maintaining your wood stove, and precautions that can help you avoid having a chimney fire.

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Katherine Herleman
Clean Energy Communities Coordinator

Last updated April 26, 2018