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CCE Schuyler Teaching Garden
CCE-Schuyler Teaching Garden 2012
Image by Schuyler County
Garden Based Learning
Find an Eat Smart New York nutritionist in your county to learn more about making healthy eating part of your lifestyle and how to eat healthy on a budget.
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Teaching Garden
Teaching Garden


Cornell Cooperative Extension, Schuyler County (CCESC) is vital to the cultural and economic well-being of our community. With your continued support, CCESC can continue to offer programs that build a stronger Schuyler County and contribute to our shared prosperity.

Our impact is far-reaching and extends to you, your family, and your neighbors - your entire community - in many different ways. Our fundamental goals are to:

  • Conduct agricultural research and educational programs to help farms increase profits, reduce costs and to minimize the impact on the environment, including organic and sustainable practices.
  • Encourage people to “buy local,” which saves money, leads to healthier diets, and lends support to local farms.
  • Show people how to grow their own food, how to prepare it and how to preserve it for later use.
  • Build positive life skills and provide alternatives to risk-taking behavior in youth.
  • Support community initiatives such as Solar Schuyler and the HEART (Healthy Eating and Activity in Rural Towns) club.
  • Educate people about how to save energy and how to reduce their heating and cooling costs.

CCESC asks for your support in 2018. Contributions are a vital part of our budget to ensure quality staff and programming. We have a history of regional collaboration, local impact and community-building. We need your support to deliver on our mission to build strong, vibrant New York communities.

Thank you for your support.

Last updated July 26, 2019