Available Jobs

Thank you for your interest in working at Hidden Valley 4-H Camp! 

The applications for Summer 2018 are now live. Click the title of the position you are interested in and it will take you to the application. You must apply for each position you would like to be considered for.

We would like to begin early recruiting and hiring this year. Positions and their brief descriptions are listed below. All positions are for those age 18 years or older unless specified in the job description.If the link does not work, then the position has been filled unless it's been listed as a certification/Experience or Youth Bureau.

(Please note: All of our positions are temporary/seasonal.)



Assistant Camp Director: Starts June 4,2018. Works directly with Camp Director. Assists with daily management of camp through the summer. 23 years of age or older. Bachelors Degree or extensive camp experience required.

Camp Health Director (Nurse): Starts July 8, 2018. Oversees camp health office. Maintains camper health records each week. Distributes daily camper medications, tends to sick or injured campers and staff. Must be at least an RN, as required by New York State Dept. of Health. NYS nursing license required. 21 years of age or older.

Day & Cloverbuds Camp Director: Starts June 25, 2018. Oversees both day camp programs, plans Cloverbud programs/activities and supervises all Cloverbuds Staff. Must be 23 years of age or older.

Head Chef: Starts June 25, 2018. Develops and executes menu for campers and staff. Supervises kitchen staff.

Camp Coordinator: Starts June 25, 2018. Develops weekly activity schedule. Assigns staff to activities, time off and weekend supervision. Must have knowledge of 4-H positive youth development.

Aquatics Director: Starts June 25, 2018.  Must have a minimum of 18 weeks prior life guarding experience. Supervises Lifeguard and boating staff. Must hold current Lifeguard Management Certificate. Current Lifeguard cert. desired. WSI cert. desired. Must be at least 21 years of age.

Head of Maintenance: Part time position starts June 25, 2018. Maintains cleanliness of camp property and facilities. Light handiwork and property maintenance included. Supervises Youth worker. Pool Operator Certificate desired.

Support/Leadership Staff:

Assistant Cook: Starts June 25, 2018. Works directly for Head Chef. Assists with meal prep. Oversees evening meal and snack.

Cloverbuds Head Counselor: Starts July 1, 2018. Works directly with Cloverbud campers. Leads or assists Cloverbud programming as developed by Cloverbuds Director. Oversees health and well being of Cloverbuds staff. Must be 20 years or older and experience supervising staff.

Special Programming Staff

Archery Specialist: Starts June 25, 2018. Lead archery activities based on 4-H shooting sports curriculum. Must hold current 4-H Archery Certificate.

Arts & Crafts Specialist: Starts June 25, 2018. Develops, plans and leads arts and crafts activities. Must have experience implementing 4-H positive youth development programming.

Field Sports Specialist: Starts June 25, 2018. Develops, plans and leads camp sports activities including, volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Gaga and more. 

Life Skills Specialist: Starts June 25, 2018. Develops, plans and leads 4-H geared activities including cooking, gardening, sewing and event planning. 

Media Specialist: Starts June 25, 2018. Develops, plans and leads all media related activities including photography and Hidden Valley Herald. Staff member will be expected to develop projects and encourage campers to submit work to 2018 New York State Fair.

General Cabin Counselor: Starts July 1, 2018. Supervises campers and Junior Counselors in camp cabin. Lead or assist camp program activities.

Cloverbuds Day Camp Counselor: Starts July 1, 2018. Counselor for Cloverbuds program. Works with day campers ages 5-7. Must have experience working with young children. Hours: 7:30am to 6:00pm Monday - Friday from July 9-August 17.

STEM Coordinator: Starts June 25, 3018. Oversees the entire science and outdoor education programs. Must have experience teaching and planning all programs related to STEM.

Extracurricular Coordinator: Starts June 25, 2018. Oversees campfire, Jessie's Camp Store, theme weeks and leads DIY activities.

Desired Certifications or Experience

Lifeguards: General Cabin Counselor, Cloverbuds Counselor or Special Programming applicants with current Lifeguard certification will receive special consideration. CPR for Professional Rescuer must be current within one year - not 2 as states on certificate. (NYS Department of Health Requirement.) 

Camp Store Manager: Oversee and work Jessie's Camp Store, maintain camper accounts and manage inventory. Previous retail experience a must. Point of Sale System experience preferred.

Other Staff

Junior Counselors: Starts July 1, 2018. Serve as kitchen staff, Cloverbud assistants or Lifeguards (if certified). Must have participated in 2017 CIT program and have recommendation from CIT Leader. Must be 16 or 17 years of age by July 1, 2018. Positions are filled.

Schuyler Youth Bureau Staff: Staff are hired and placed strictly through our county youth bureau. Must be a Schuyler county resident and must contact the Schuyler County Youth Bureau if interested.


Jennifer A Sweet
Hidden Valley 4-H Camp Director

Last updated March 29, 2018