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NEW TO 2020

Special Master Camps open to all campers age 13 and older

Master Camp: Backpacking: Additional fee of $35.00

Learn the basics of backpacking (packing a backpack, proper clothing, leave no trace, 10 essentials, picking a site). Culminates in a two-night backpacking trip at one of our three camp sites on camp property. Far enough away to provide a secluded experience but close enough if there are any issues.

Master Camp: Music Camp: Additional fee of $35.00
For more experienced musicians. Bring your instrument, learn new songs and perform a concert for the entire camp on Thursday night.

Master Camp: Culinary Camp: Additional fee of $35.00
Learn proper kitchen techniques, baking, and decorating. Provide and serve treats and cakes for the Thursday night music concert.

Master Camp: Fishing/Aquatic Resources Camp: Additional fee of $35.00
Learn what the fish eat, how to catch them and safely release them back to the water. May include fly fishing lessons.

Archery (You must be 8 years of age by January 1st, 2020)

One of our favorite activities.

Archery-Basic - Campers learn all techniques and safety commands required to be a successful Archer. Targets are 15 yrds out for good aiming practice.

Archery-Advanced - Campers learn more advanced techniques including improving aiming skills with targets 20-30 yards away. Campers must have already participated in a 4-H Archery program to select the advanced activity. All Archery Equipment is provided for campers.

Arts & Crafts

**Note: Will be offered as a free choice activity each day!**

If you enjoy art projects, you will love this activity. Youth who want to learn new skills in candle, jewelry and/or basket making will want to sign up for Arts & Crafts. Our goal is for campers to return home with new craft skills and a beautiful project each week . Some projects such as friendship bracelets, boondoggling, and painting will be offered as one-day events during ‘free swim’ each day.

Campfire Cooking
Learn to cook over an open fire! Build a camp fire and learn recipes to create delicious snacks and meals that will impress your bunk mates.

Located at Upper Glen Lake, an 8 acre lake, campers will learn and improve proper paddling techniques while enjoying the views of Watkins Glen State Park. This activity is a DOUBLE SESSION or 2 activity choices.

Campers get to spend some time in the kitchen learning yummy and healthy recipes! Campers learn cooking techniques including knife skills, dough kneading, measuring ingredients and more. This is a VERY popular activity!

Sports and Fitness
Traditional sports are offered under the guidance of our qualified staff. Camp favorites such as Gaga, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Softball, Kickball, Soccer, and Basketball are offered to challenge campers of all levels.

Outdoor Adventures & Nature Fun
The program includes an array of activities from Stream Safari (Wet Hikes), shelter building, Campfire Cooking, Camping Skills and more.

Photography & Media
Our camp is a photographers heaven! Activities such as Adventure Photography, Beginning photography and Photojournalist will be in the schedule this year! Go on a hike and take amazing photos! Want to write a story for the Hidden Valley Herald and show off your photography talents? This one is for you!

Our in-ground pool provides a safe and attractive setting.

Water Games
Marco!! (Polo!!) . . . but there’s so much more!! Water games for all in the wild wet fun of Hidden Valley’s pool. Campers must pass the Sunday afternoon swim test in order to select this activity.

Science Explorations
Whether you choose to spend the day exploring our scenic woods or splashing in our bubbling creeks, Wet & Dry Hikes are always a huge hit with all age groups.

Week Specific Activities

These are activities you may sign up for during the registration process. Each of the special activities is scheduled once a day. Campers will be able to sign up for 3 remaining weekly activities at sign ups Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Rocketry This was eliminated in 2019 due to the additional cost: Additional fee of $10.00

(Weeks 1, 3 and 5)
RETURNING BY POPULAR DEMAND - 3 2 1 Blast off! The ground shakes, the engines roar, feel the adrenaline surge! Okay, maybe it is not Cape Canaveral but building your own rocket, sending it on a seemingly orbital journey, and retrieving it after a safe return home is one of the most thrilling experiences from my adolescence. Campers will learn about the physics of flight and using the Scientific Method to hypothesize and experiment with design changes to their rocket. An added fee is required for this program.

Special Event Week, otherwise known as Color War Competitions.
Week 2 July 12-17
We plan an alternate schedule during this week, so activities campers sign up for will only take place for 1 to 2 activity choices daily instead of 4. Campers should expect a surprise themed event that covers nearly the whole week! Lots of great activities and fun during Special Event Week! If your child wants to have a week full of their own selected activities, this would not be the week to select.

Boater Safety Course: Additional fee of $50.00

Week 4 July 26-31 or Week 5 August 2-7

Campers receive instruction on boater safety over 2 morning activity periods for 4 days and take a short boater safety test to receive their Certificate. They also head to Seneca Lake aboard the stroller on Friday for a short boat cruise and to see some of the important safety skills in action.

Cultural Exploration at Hidden Valley 4-H Camp:

Week 6 August 9-14

Join us for our final week of camp and enjoy a cultural explosion.Your camper will be immersed in food, sports, and art from around the world.


Dayna Karius
Hidden Valley 4-H Camp Registrar & 4-H Administrative Assistant
(607) 535-6812

Last updated January 17, 2020