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HeatSmart FLX South 2021

New Program Brings Affordable Energy Savings to Residents and Businesses

A new program, HeatSmart FLX South, is helping families, small businesses and non-profits choose clean heating and cooling solutions and reduce their energy costs. Through consultations with residents and business owners, free energy audits, weatherization, and energy efficiency upgrades tailored to each person. The goal is for more residents to adopt heat pump heating and cooling equipment to lower energy use for consumers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

HeatSmart FLX South serves Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, and Yates counties, in cooperation with the Cooperative Extension associations of those counties.

“Supporting our regional communities is at the heart of this work,” explained HeatSmart FLX South Campaign Director Erica Herman. “We offer free guidance and reduced-cost installations based on income. We want to see all families and small businesses taking advantage of the opportunity to reduce their heating costs and improve energy efficiency.”

Free, matching funds, incentives, and tax credits are available for program participants. Families that are eligible for HEAP could qualify for free weatherization of their home.

The mission of HeatSmart FLX South is to provide equitable access to weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades, with the goal of households and small businesses adopting heat pump heating and cooling equipment to lower energy cost burdens for consumers and greenhouse gas emissions in our communities. HeatSmart FLX South is a new program based at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schuyler County, serving residents, small businesses, and non-profits in Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, and Yates Counties, in cooperation with their local Extension associations. We are a Clean Heating and Cooling Community funded by the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA). Additional information can be found on the website www.heatsmartflxsouth.org.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has awarded over $9 million to support over 20 HeatSmart Community Campaigns throughout the state which conduct community outreach and education efforts to inform residents about the benefits of heat pumps, home energy efficiency improvements and other clean energy technologies.

NYSERDA President and CEO Doreen M. Harris said, “As our electric grid becomes cleaner, electrifying the heating and cooling needs of our buildings through consumer outreach and engagement is crucial to realizing our nation-leading greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. We are proud to support HeatSmart FLX South as they open the door to more residents and businesses adopting sustainable heat pump technology in their region and help create cleaner, more comfortable buildings well into the future.”

Anyone interested in receiving more information or signing up for the program can contact Erica Herman at heatsmartflxs@cornell.edu or via phone.

Join in on our Webinar Series

Is your home, small business, or nonprofit heating up this summer? Would you like to increase your comfort with options that are cost-saving, convenient, and climate-change friendly? Tune in to HeatSmart FLX South’s upcoming webinar series on the first and third Wednesdays of each month and find out how.

The webinar series will be hosted on Zoom and can also be listened to by telephone.

  • 7/21 - Energy Audits & Weatherization
  • 8/4 - Program and Financing Options for Small Businesses and Non-profits
  • 8/18 - 21st Century Heating and Cooling: Heat Pump Basics
  • 9/1 - To the Center of the Earth! … Well, Almost: A case study of a ground source heat pump
  • 9/15 - Heat Pump Water Heater Basics

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Last updated February 25, 2022