Mother playing with infant, for use with "Why do you parent the way you do" classes
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CCE-Schuyler offers a variety of parenting classes.

Parenting Education

Our Parenting Education Program consists of a team of educators working together to provide educational opportunities to all families, caregivers, and young people in Schuyler County. We utilize research based curriculum researched, developed and/or recognized by Cornell University.

Programs We Offer

Strengthening Families Project (SFP)

CCE-Schuyler recently added the Strengthening Families Project (SFP) to our program offeringss. Strengthening Familise is  A Family Life Education workshop series for parents and teens together (10-14) designed to assist adults and teens to increase family communication, build on family strengths, and work on building a positive future. This class meets for 8 sessions, each 2 hours in length.

Parenting Wisely

We also provide the computer based Parenting Wisely program that provides parents of children 3-15 the opportunity to increase their skills surrounding 9 basic parenting strategies.

Other Workshops

Additional parenting workshops are offered throughout the year and designed to meet the needs of our community.

Additional Resources


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Paula Goodrich
Parenting Educator

Last updated May 31, 2023