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Volunteering is a great way to get involved with CCE!


Through duties as diverse as teaching others to prune trees or make compost, answering callers' questions on consumer or gardening issues, mentoring young people as they acquire new skills, or serving as board members or on committees that guide our work, volunteers represent Extension's far-reaching roots in our community.

Ongoing opportunities appear below, with contact names for additional information. Some programs may require specialized training to participate; upcoming training dates are listed where known.

Master Forest Owner

The New York Forest Owners Association (NYFOA) celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013 with the launch of their “Restore New York Woodlands” initiative. This education initiative strived to spread the word that New York’s forests are not regenerating properly. In order to ensure proper regeneration landowners need to be educated on the damage caused by high grading timber harvest practices, the competition of invasive plants and insects, and the adverse impact of a growing deer population. The Yates County Master Forest Owner’s supported this initiative at their annual workshop and woodswalk which focused on educating landowners on these forest regeneration threats. Contact: Brett Chedzoy at (607) 535-7161 or bjc226@cornell.edu.

Last updated July 24, 2014