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CCESC offers several programs for parents and caregivers through a Home Visitor program.

Home Visitor Program

Parenting is one of the most critical jobs adults have, one that has no preparation. Often times individuals are uncertain who to ask or what to do. A recent focus group shared a desire for Schuyler children to become self sufficient, have nurturing parenting relationships and community supports and noted that the barriers to children experiencing that hope are family support and stability along with community supports. There was mention of need for parenting skills and the need for families to have someone that they are able to identify as a support to them during the years they are raising their family.

CCESC offers a variety of programs for parents and caregivers through a Home Visitor program. These programs meet families’ individual needs and seek to promote positive parenting, and ultimately healthy family and child development. Parents or caregivers that participate in our Home Visitor program receive at least six hours of content delivery on a single parent curriculum. Discipline is Not a Dirty Word and The Magic Years are chosen by most parents.

Through our work with the Cornell College of Human Ecology Policy Program on Analysis and Management we are able to participate in a Statewide data collection of pre-post results – the participants are asked to answer two identical surveys, one at the beginning and another at completion. The survey includes ten questions related to parenting attitudes, behaviors and knowledge and parents and caregivers participating are showing significant pre-post test changes as a result of taking part in the program.


Paula Goodrich
Parenting Educator

Last updated May 31, 2023