2021 Hidden Valley 4H Camp Olympics

Photo by Colin Love

2021 Hidden Valley 4H Camp Culinary Arts Master Class

Culinary Arts Master Class

2021 Hidden Valley 4H Camp Hiking

Nature Hike

Camp Activities

Camp Programing



Get outside and explore nature!

Campers will spend the majority of their time exploring the outdoors and learning about the natural world around them. Programming is designed specifically to take advantage of our hardwood forests, lake and stream, and our glen at Riley’s. Some of the single-period programming includes Wet Hikes, Forest Explorations, Blind Hikes, Stream Ecology, Campfire Building with “One Match Club”, Shelter Building, Geology, Tree Identification, Bird Calling, and more. Some days we need more time for some of our programs, so we will offer daily sign-ups for more in-depth programming. They include but are not limited to, Campfire Cooking, Fishing, Glen Hikes, Outdoor Photography, Camping Skills, and Extended Hikes. 


Arts & Crafts


If you enjoy art projects, you will love this program area!

Youth will learn new skills such as candles, jewelry, and/or basket making in the Arts & Crafts program area. Our goal is for campers to return home with new craft skills and a beautiful project each week. Other projects such as Friendship Bracelets, Boondoggling, and Painting will also be offered. Photography will be offered as a special two-period program that campers can sign up for. 


Sports and Rec


Have fun trying out new sports!

Traditional sports are offered under the guidance of our qualified staff. Camp favorites such as Gaga, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Softball, Kickball, Soccer, and Basketball are offered to challenge campers of all levels. Archery will be offered as a special two-period activity during Sports & Rec.

In order for campers to take part in Archery they must be 8 years of age by January 1st, 2024

Archery – Campers learn all techniques and safety commands required to be a successful Archer. Targets are 15 yards out for good aiming practice.




Marco!! … Polo!! . . . and so much more!!

Water games for all are offered in the wild wet fun of Hidden Valley’s pool. Campers will take a swim test on Sunday afternoon to assess their skill level to determine the swim activities available to them. (For example, a beginning swimmer will only be allowed to take part in activities in the shallow end of the pool.) Swim lessons will be available depending on certified staff availability.


Evening Activities


We try to make every day at camp exciting and fun, and every evening creative and thrilling. As many nights in a week as possible campers participate in evening activities that they couldn’t do anywhere else in their lives. Every week starts with an opening campfire and ends on Friday afternoon at the staff vs. campers softball or kickball game. In between we hold epic all-camp activities like capture the flag, counselor hunt, talent shows, and scavenger hunts. On nights that we don’t get the entire camp together, cabins can choose to take part in campfire sing-a-longs, wish boats, evening hikes, star gazing, hide and seek, and more. On Thursday night as we wrap up the week, we hold a special closing campfire culminating in a candle-lighting ceremony where four special campers are chosen to receive the Honor Camper Award.


Week Specific and Master Camp Activities

These are activities you may sign up for during the registration process. Each of the special activities is scheduled every day. When campers are not in their special activity they will be in their regular program area.



NOW OFFERED Weeks 1, 3, and 5.

Returning By Popular Demand — 3, 2, 1, … Blast off! The ground shakes, the engines roar, feel the adrenaline surge! Okay, maybe it is not Cape Canaveral but building your own rocket, sending it on a seemingly orbital journey, and retrieving it after a safe return home is one of the most thrilling experiences for our future Rocket Scientist. Campers will learn about the physics of flight and using the scientific method to hypothesize and experiment with design changes to their rocket.

An added $25 fee is required for this program.


Endless Summer Celebration/Spirit Week

Week 5

August 4 – 9

Join us as we celebrate our Fifth and last full week of the 2024 camping season. This week, we will celebrate all things camp by revisiting all our most popular activities and themes from the summer in a camp Olympics format. This includes team competitions, individual challenges, and all camp activities like tug-of-war, field relays, and games of capture the flag. Join us for an Endless Summer Celebration as we prepare to wrap up another fun-filled summer at Hidden Valley.

During Spirit Week we have the following days assigned: Monday – favorite t-shirt day Tuesday – Halloween Costumes welcome! Wednesday – Favorite Sports team or Character t-shirt Thursday – It’s Pajama Day – all day! Friday – Choose your school t-shirt or your favorite CAMP t-shirt!

*Note – Tuesday evening will feature cabin trick or treating around camp*



Week 6

August 9 – 13

Add on to the fifth week to continue the Endless Summer Celebration(Special Event) or come for just the shortened 6 th week. As a stand-alone, this session starts on Friday afternoon and ends on Tuesday evening.


Special Master Camps open to all campers age 12 and older


Plants, Gardens, Gnomes and So much MORE.

Week 2

July 14 – 19

Ages 12 – 16 (Available for $75 additional fee)

Interested in plants…hikes to learn about wild edibles and a trip to a local Schuyler County Farm – this Master Camp is for you. Young people will have the opportunity to help tend to the raised beds at the Hidden Valley 4-H Camp Garden which will include herbs, berries, and a variety of greens. They will plant a small pizza garden (for take-home), learn about wild edible plants on a hike, and what they can be used for, take a tour of a local farm, and help create a culinary surprise for our camp judges made from our camp garden and locally sourced ingredients from our farm tour. Art will be a part of this master camp with youth having the opportunity to create gnome villages and hide them throughout our camp, and during a hike.


Fishing and Aquatics

Week 3

July 21 –26

Ages 12 – 16 (Available for $50 additional fee)


Whether you take fishing seriously or do it as a leisure activity, there’s nothing like feeling a tug on the end of your line!

In this master camp, campers will learn how to prepare for and go fishing. From the very basics of baiting a hook and casting a rod to learning different kinds of fish, their habitats, stream ecology, lures, and techniques, this fishing camp offers a fun fishing experience for campers 12 years old and up. Campers will practice catch-and-release fishing in the lake near camp. Campers may bring their own rod and tackle box if they wish, but this is not necessary.

Participants will be part of regular evening camp activities with separate daytime programming.


Culinary Arts


July 28 – August 2

Ages 12 – 16 (Available for $75 additional fee)


Culinary Arts Master Camp is an immersive culinary experience designed for kids and teens ages 12 – 16. It's an unforgettable week full of cooking, learning, team challenges, and FUN! Campers sharpen their culinary skills under instruction from expert chefs. They also develop healthy lifestyle and personal growth skills alongside training by our staff of culinary professionals and counselors. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or you're already a skilled chef — our Master Camp cover everything from the basics to the newest cooking techniques. Cook off to culminate the week.



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