Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2019

In 2019, Cornell Cooperative Extension Schuyler County conducted a planning process and received community input in order to write a new Strategic Plan. Out of this effort the following mission, vision and values were adopted by the Board and staff.

Mission: To sustain and support our community through collaborations that put experience and research to work.

Vision: Honoring the past, preparing for the future through:

  • -Life-long learning
  • -Sustainable agriculture and natural resources management
  • -Healthy adults, youth and families
  • -Engaged communities

Core Values – RISE:

  • -R – Resilience – As individuals, and as an organization, we are agile and able to adapt; we embrace challenges as an opportunity to lean and continually improve.
  • -I – Innovation – We are committed to unearthing untapped potential by exploring alternatives and constantly seeking and offering new solutions.
  • -S – Sustainability – Our 100+ year commitment to sustainability is in our DNA. We believe in using what history has taught us while thinking strategically about our future.
  • -E – Education – CCE’s foundation: It is what we do. We are committed to providing conventional and alternative ways of educating a cross-generational community of people interested in and committed to learning and putting knowledge to work to enrich their lives.

If you are interested in reading our full strategic plan, a copy in pdf form is available HERE

Last updated March 22, 2022