About Solar Schuyler

Solar Schuyler is a volunteer-based organization that has been approved by NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research Authority) to help residences and businesses get up to 20% cost reduction compared to Market pricing for solar power.

The basic principles are: Solar Schuyler makes it MORE AFFORDABLE, EASIER, FASTER to go solar in Schuyler County. For residences and businesses, the Solar Schuyler program can reduce costs and break down the historic barriers to going solar.

Special pricing from approved installers, a special program rebate from NYSERDA and the dramatic drop in the costs al contribute to making solar affordable and easier than ever before!

“In addition, Solar Schuyler is about local jobs and helping the local economy,” says Sam Maggio, Coordinator for Solar Schuyler. “We have selected 3 approved installers for this program. Renovus, Taitem and Apex. Renovus and Taitem are based in Tompkins County and Apex has an office in Syracuse. Many of people who work at both Renovus and Taitem live in Schuyler County. Thus, this very much is about keeping and growing jobs in our community and in benefiting the local economy. So, yes, it is about local jobs, too!”

Solar Schuyler helps those who enroll through the program to take advantages of Federal and State incentives as well as bulk buying and other program incentives to dramatically bring the cost down of going solar. Overall, the costs for solar power has dropped significantly in the past few years and programs like Solar Schuyler reduce the costs even more and make it easier for residences and businesses to now go to solar power.

If you have been thinking about it or wondering about solar power, it makes sense to attend one of the community outreach meetings. Being hosted by Solar Schuyler in the summer of 2015.

Solar power can be purchased outright or financed with low interest payments or it even can be leased. These options will be explained in more detail at the community meetings.

The key to remember is: Solar is now affordable and easy and you can start going solar faster with Solar Schuyler!

For more Information: http://nysun.force.com/Schuyler

What is Solar Schuyler fact sheet (PDF format) HERE


Katherine Herleman
Clean Energy Communities Coordinator

Last updated February 9, 2018