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4-H Robotics
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4-H Robotics

4-H Cornell Cooperative Extension
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4-H Connects Kids to Cornell

4-H teaches kids about making pizza dough and the science behind it
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4-H program that teaches about the protein content in flour and how this affects the dough texture

4-H Youth

Welcome to 4-H in Schuyler County!

We are carrying forward with the “Green Since 1902″ tradition, and most of our communications will now take place via our Facebook page.  Please visit us there for the latest on programs and events. We offer many exciting opportunities for youth in Schuyler County, including robotics, dog obedience, Cloverbud Science Camps and more!! If you are interested in finding out how to join in the fun, please email us at schuyler4h@cornell.edu or give us a call at 607-535-7161.

You can read more about 4-H, its history and philosophy on this site, and you can find ways that you and your family can become involved. Once you see what 4-H has to offer, please call us with any questions you may have! We look forward to speaking with you, and we hope to welcome you soon to a 4-H program in your community.

Schuyler County Youth Bureau Funds: 

 Choose Health Project

Background:Our Choose Health project had a countywide target area with emphasis on recruitment from youth involved with PINS Diversion, Children’s Services and Mental Health Services.Recruitment for remaining youth spots occurred in both school districts.Our project goal was to provide youth with an opportunity to learn life skills related to meal preparation, team building, and two one hour hands-on sessions on peer pressure skills.


We offered two series of Choose Health based on our waiting list of youth.Each series provided six sessions which are two hours in length.We served a total of 27 young people.

Youth that participated in our first series provided dinner pies for the Cornell Cooperative Extension Annual Meeting on November 17 at the Seneca Lodge.They also helped serve and bus the tables.They group also created the winning pie entry for our Annual Pie Palooza competition, and were chosen out of sixteen entries.

Youth that participated in series two were able to take part in our campus Program Research on Youth Development and Engagement (PRYDE) “Youth with Purpose” pre and post survey.The research focuses on identifying youth having purpose as a protective factor for doing well throughout the teen years.They will also be part of a local and statewide sample.

PRYDE Youth Participants PRYDE Youth Participants

Youth Comments:

  • “We should enter a cooking contest, we now know how to cut like they do”
  • “Sometimes it is hard to learn how to do something new”
  • “I tried something new, even though I did not want to and I met new friends, learned how to be safe and be on my own in a kitchen”
  • “Class was not long enough, I want to do this again, and I did not get into trouble here”
  • “Choosing our recipes from class for our cookbook and making the pie”


Melissa Schroeder
Youth and Family Leader
(607) 535-7161

Last updated July 26, 2019