Produced in NY (PINY)

Program Introduction: This educational program is designed to give youth an opportunity to learn about and use a wide variety of agricultural products that are produced right in New York State. PiNY is a silent demonstration that helps youth build confidence in demonstrating their knowledge of their food preparation skills while promoting a flavorful recipe featuring New York State food products. Individual 4-H members will learn how to set up and participate in this culinary competition alongside several of their peers. This style of demonstrating allows the younger 4H members to build confidence and increase their comfort in front of an audience while older members can focus on conquering more complicated recipes. The PiNY program is a great way for all 4H members to acquire new skills, techniques, and build confidence while increasing their knowledge of food handling and preparation in the form of a public presentation.

We will hold classes on Saturday mornings 11:00am to 11:45am starting May 22nd, 2021

Learn to locate and utilize local ingredients in a silent cooking competition. We will start at the very beginning:

First meeting:

  • How to set up a workstation
  • Selecting your main ingredient

Second meeting:

  • Developing or finding a recipe
  • Explaining and sharing the menu prep form
  • Watching a live Demonstration

Third meeting and fourth meetings:

  • Meeting to ask questions before and after your practice session.
  • Practicing at home and submitting video or pictures to be evaluate
  • Signing up for a time slot to come and produce your recipe in front of an evaluator. (time slots will be available during the week and on Saturdays)
  • Wrap up and reflection meeting:
  • Meeting via zoom to discuss how everyone did, where we can improve, what we liked, did not like and so on.

Each group meeting will be set up on zoom with a chance for everyone to ask questions and give input.

You can find the registration form at Or contact Lisa Shrout at CCE Schuyler. Email or phone: 607-535-7716 ext. 3218

Helpful Resources

Produced in NY Menu Planning Sheet

NYS Fair Produced In New York Product Evaluation Sheet

NYS Fair Produced In New York Demonstration Comment Sheet

Last updated May 30, 2023