Updated Climate Steward Applications


Cornell Climate Steward Applications OPEN -

  • Friday, March 10, 2023, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Are you interested in helping your community adapt for our changing climate?  

Cornell is seeking Climate Steward volunteers to bring researched-based climate change solutions to their local community. Regional training for residents of Schuyler, Seneca and Cayuga Counties will begin in April. Climate Stewards must attend 12 training sessions (24 hours) and complete at least 40 hours of community volunteering on climate projects to be certified a Climate Steward.

There will be nine virtual/online sessions and three in-person sessions in a central location. A virtual option for the in-person sessions will be available for those unable to attend for valid reasons (lack of transportation, emergency, etc.).  

Of the training sessions, nine will be virtual and three in person at a central location. For those unable to attend the in-person session due to lack of transportation or other valid reasons, a virtual option will be offered.

If you are interested in being a Climate Steward, you must first fill out the application form. 

Applications are due March 10th, CCE Staff will contact you to discuss the program further and the commitments needed. If you have any questions contact Marissa Nolan (Schuyler County) at mn623@cornell.edu (607) 535-7161 x3226 or Ryan Staychock (Seneca and Cayuga Counties) at rms462@cornell.edu (315)-539-9251 ext. 110

Training Dates:

  • April 6: Thursday 10am-12pm -virtual*
  • April 13: Thursday 10am-12pm -virtual*
  • April 22: Saturday TBD -in person (location TDB)
  • April 27: Thursday 10am-12pm -virtual*
  • May 4: Thursday 10am-12pm -virtual*
  • May 11: Thursday 10am-12pm -virtual*
  • May 20: Saturday TBD -in person (location TDB)
  • May 25: Thursday 10am-12pm -virtual*
  • June 1: Thursday 10am-12pm -virtual*
  • June 8: Thursday 10am-12pm -virtual*
  • June 15: Thursday 10am-12pm -virtual*
  • June 24: Saturday TBD -in person (location TDB)

*Schuyler County participants have the option to join Thursday session in person at the CCE Schuyler office

Now Accepting Applications!

Learn more at the Cornell Climate Steward Website


Marissa Nolan
Composting, Horticulture, and Local Foods Educator

Last updated January 27, 2023