Health Forms FAQ

FAQ’s on the Health Forms (1-3) for Hidden Valley 4-H Camp

Health Form 1 – a parent signature is required at the bottom in case of an emergency.

Health Form 2 – Please answer all the questions on the form. At the bottom where it requires a signature of the Provider you have two choices:

  1. We can receive Health Form 2 without a Provider Signature if you have attached a recent Physical that is signed or stamped by a Medical Provider. Your child’s name needs to be typed on the form or written in by the Medical Provider. Please check before you send in. We get many Physicals from Providers with no name on them, and we cannot put the campers name on the form or accept it if a parent put the name on.
  2. Your Medical Provider can also enter the Physical information on Health Form 2 and provide their signature or stamp and License information.
  3. We cannot accept a Physical that is more than 2 years old.

Health Form 3 – This one is really important if you are a RESIDENT Camper. This form helps our Health Manager provide Over the Counter (OTC) Medications. It is a good idea to have your Medical Provider fill this part out even if it is just for Calamine Lotion, or Caladryl. We are in the middle of the woods and bug bites are terrible. Campers cannot receive anything OTC without a Provider’s Order. This is obviously optional, although what we try to avoid is the camp Health Manager having to call you with a camper who does not feel and it may have been something we can help with OTC medication.

FAQ's on Camp Forms

Photo Permission: We have a wonderful photography program and our campers take photos all the time. We often like to post pictures on our Facebook page throughout the summer. We need you to fill out this form so we can use our photos. If you do not sign the form, we will not post pictures of your child.

Acknowledgment of Risk: This form is required by our Risk Management firm. It's lets us know that you understand the risks of sending your child to camp. Our activities are safe and our staff is well trained in Risk Management prior to camp opening. 

Camper Code of Conduct: This needs to be reviewed and signed by you and your child. We are very proud of the 4-H Clover Logo and what it means to our camp. Head, Heart, Hands and Health. It is important to us that campers gain the life skills that we incorporate into all of our programs. We expect campers to honor the Clover through respectful, compassionate, cooperative and caring behaviors.

Meningococcal Form: This form is for those campers staying longer than 6 overnight days. (For Example: A camper who stays one week plus a weekend)

Last updated October 29, 2021