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FAQ for Kids!

Thinking of coming to camp but need the 411? Here are our Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. Can I be in the same bunk as my friend?

A. Cabins are grouped according to age, so you and your friend need to be in the same age category – 8 & 9 , 10 & 11  12 & 13 and 14+.

Q. Where will I sleep?

A. We have really nice cabins! Hemlock, Pine, Oak & Birch are the boys cabins. Girls stay in Spruce, Sycamore, Cedar & Aspen. The Main Side of camp hosts Hemlock, Pine, Spruce and Sycamore. Creek Side cabins are: Oak, Birch, Cedar & Aspen. Sometimes we have so many campers in one age group that we have to move them to a larger cabin. We would rather do that than split up the group.

Q. Can I bring money and/or snacks?

A. You won’t need money at camp. If you would like to purchase items at the Jessie's Camp Store, your parents should add money to your account online or on registration day. Also, snacks of any kind are prohibited in the cabins. They attract mice! YUCK!

Q. Can I bring my cell phone or iPod?

A. We would really prefer you leave electronics at home. We want you to get the whole camp experience of being out in nature and enjoying all that it has to offer. Plus, your parents spend a lot of money on them and you wouldn’t want to lose them!

Q. Can I call my parents?

A. If you need something, the Camp Director or Assistant Director will call home. Sometimes talking to mom or dad can make you homesick and we want you to experience all the fun at camp without worrying!

Q. Can I choose my own activities?

A. YES! Five of the 6 weeks campers choose their own activities on Sunday evening that they will have for the whole week. We do have one week, however, when we have an All-Camp Special Event which will have a different schedule and activities will be planned ahead of time. The 2020 Special Event will be Week 2! 

Q. Will I be able to make new friends at camp?

A. WE HOPE SO! Not only you have plenty of great cabin mates to meet, you’ll also get to know new people in your activities! The song goes: Make new friends, but keep thee old. One is Silver and the other Gold!

Q. How is the food?

A. I have one word – LISA! The food is awesome! She’s the best Camp Chef EVER!

Last updated March 25, 2020