Idlwilde Inn Chef Competition entry

New Zealand Style Beef
and Havarti Pies

The Idlwilde Inn Box Contained:

  • Locally sourced grass-fed ground beef
  • Maple syrup from the ARNOT FOREST
  • Celeriac from MUDDY FINGERS FARM
  • Apricot Jam from ORT FAMILY FARM
  • Sweet Cherry Shrub from FINGER LAKES HARVEST
  • Havarti cheese SUNSET VIEW CREAMERY

    I wanted to resemble the elements of my breakfast (Please view my video on the CCE Schuyler website!) From the Harvest Schuyler Farm to Table box: Beef and Havarti Meet Pies, Celery Root Mash, Poached Apple Salad with Sweet Cherry Shrub, Apricot Jam and Maple Syrup. From a typical Idlewilde Inn Breakfast: Quiche with sausage on the side, Cheesy Potato Casserole and Baked Apples.

View the presentation HERE

Chef name: Elin R. Dowd (really someone who just cooks a lot of breakfasts, not defined as a chef)

Chef Bio: The Dowds aren’t sure how they started cooking breakfast for so many teenagers, but they know when that happened – water polo season. With two athletes growing up in the Dowd house and occasionally another one or two adopted sons on a couch or extra bed, breakfast was always an important meal. Marcus started cooking a regular weekly hearty eggs and bacon breakfast for the boys who stopped by on their way to school/morning practice. Elin usually cooked special breakfasts on weekends, primarily for the girls, that included powdered sugar covered “Sharon’s Pancakes,” heart shaped waffles, and breakfast casserole for the days when they had to rush. One post, Snapchat, or Instagram led to setting the table for more friends to join. When preparing meals for guests at their Inn, it is the fond memories of those mornings and the love they feel in their hearts for their extended family that motivates the Dowds to make meals with them special.

When not in the kitchen Elin can be found running the Greater Tompkins County Municipal Health Insurance Consortium as their full time Executive Director.

Marcus and Elin Dowd are proud owners of the Idlwilde Inn in Watkins Glen, NY.Together they run the 15 room Victorian Inn.Marcus and Elin grew up on the east coast but spent thirty years living, working, and raising their children in the Los Angeles area.They returned to NY in 2017 and are thrilled to be living in the Finger Lakes Region, a place where Elin has vacationed every year since she was a baby.

Business/Affiliation: The Idlwilde Inn



Roger Ort
Local Foods and Agriculture Educator

Last updated March 19, 2021