Camp chef meal

Hidden Valley 4-H Camp Chef Competition

Ying and Yang Meatballs

The Hidden Valley 4-H Box Contained:

  • Locally sourced grass-fed ground beef
  • Maple syrup from the ARNOT FOREST
  • Frozen raspberries from APPLES AND MOORE FARM
  • Rhubarb marmalade from ORT FAMILY FARM
  • Grape Juice from FULKERSON WINERY
  • Smoked Havarti cheese and raw milk from SUNSET VIEW CREAMERY

We decided to challenge ourselves to use all the ingredients in one cohesive dish. We took the ground beef and made meatballs. Then, we used the fruit-based ingredients, mixed them with maple syrup and made a sweet and sour sauce. Next, we combine the cheese and raw milk to turn them into a creamy cheese sauce. Lastly, we plated the meal with a simple rice pilaf in the center and meatballs dressed with each sauce on the sides of the plate. Both sauces were amazing alone and played off each other beautifully.

Chef name: Kelsey Kallstrom and Jerimiah Brockner

Business/Affiliation: Hidden Valley 4-H Camp

Chef Bio: Both long time campers, and then staff at Hidden Valley 4-H Camp we were co-managers and head cooks for the 2019 season at Hidden Valley Camp

Last updated March 17, 2021