Harvest Schuyler

Farm to Table Chef Competition

Each CHEF was given a box of locally produced items. THE TASK was to create a dish using all of the LOCALLY GROWN and PRODUCED items that were in the box. The items included meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit, something sweet (maple, honey or preserves) and a liquid fruit-based condiment (such as wine, juice, or shrub).

Your votes will help determine the outcome and which chefs win the prizes: MOST CREATIVE, dish voters would MOST LIKE TO TRY, and BEST PRESENTATION. Hopefully, you will learn some new techniques to try, and you may discover a new favorite ingredient from a local producer!

Make sure to click on the meal title to view the entire entry (more pics, videos and bios)!!!

1) Submitted by Hidden Valley 4-H Camp:


We decided to challenge ourselves to use all the ingredients in one cohesive dish. We took the ground beef and made meatballs. Then, we used the fruit-based ingredients, mixed them with maple syrup and made a sweet and sour sauce. Next, we combine the cheese and raw milk to turn them into a creamy cheese sauce. Lastly, we plated the meal with a simple rice pilaf in the center and meatballs dressed with each sauce on the sides of the plate. Both sauces were amazing alone and played off each other beautifully.

2) Submitted by Ryan William Vineyard:

Grass Fed Black Angus Beef & Veggie Potpie topped with Garlic Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits



This Grass Fed Black Angus Beef Pot Pie with Garlic Cheddar Biscuits is a hearty, delicious comfort food recipe featuring local ingredients. Savory Grass Fed Black Angus Ground Beef from Angus Glen Farms, local parsnips from Muddy Fingers Farm, a touch of sweetness given to the flavorful gravy by using Cornell Maple Syrup, and Verjooz - giving the dish a hint of acid. The dish is perfectly finished by the flaky, garlic cheddar buttermilk biscuits, featuring Hoffman’s Sunset View Creamery Garlic Cheddar Cheese.

A perfect anytime snacking cake - our Sunny Lemon - Honey cake is almost always available (unless we have sold out for the day!) in our tasting room at Ryan William Vineyard. Sweetened with local honey from Julie Bee’s Honey this cake is a lovely morning, afternoon or after-dinner treat! Stop by our tasting room for a sweet slice served with fresh Chantilly cream and berry compote!

3) Submitted by Idlewilde Inn: 

New Zealand Style Beef and Havarti Pies


I wanted to resemble the elements of my breakfast (Please view my video on the CCE Schuyler website!) From the Harvest Schuyler Farm to Table box: Beef and Havarti Meet Pies, Celery Root Mash, Poached Apple Salad with Sweet Cherry Shrub, Apricot Jam and Maple Syrup. From a typical Idlewilde Inn Breakfast: Quiche with sausage on the side, Cheesy Potato Casserole and Baked Apples.

4) Submitted by Nickels Pit BBQ:

Beef and Verjooz Ricotta Ravioli
and Maple Apple Dumplings


For my entry I made two dishes. First, a beef and Verjooz ricotta ravioli in heritage black pepper broth with basil salad. The pasta dough is eggless and is flavored with honey. I made the ricotta from the whole milk and Verjooz. The beef is poached in garlic oil. Obviously, I added basil, which is dressed with a honey and Verjooz vinaigrette. The broth is a heritage cheese consommé (made using only the heritage cheese and dried seasonings) with peppercorns for color. It’s finished with some grated heritage.

Second, for dessert, an apple dumpling cooked in maple syrup. We made butter from the whole milk, froze it, and used it in the dumpling batter, along with four, etc. and diced apple. The dumplings are cooked in the maple syrup and garnished with dehydrated apple skins.

5) Submitted by Finger Lakes Wine Flour:

Upside Down Hamburger Pie
with Root Vegetable Gravy


I created an upside hamburger pie with a root vegetable gravy. The creation of this recipe just so happened to be on Pi day so the nerd in me was screaming out with joy! I managed to use all the local ingredients provided in my box.



Roger Ort
Local Foods and Agriculture Educator

Last updated March 19, 2021